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Who's selecting who? Why it’s important to understand a candidate’s perception of the recruitment process

14 Jun 2017  by   Dr Jeff Brown

Impressions formed by a candidate throughout the recruitment and selection process can play a key role in whether a successful applicant accepts the position – and can ultimately influence their behaviour once they are employed. By exploring the selection process from the viewpoint of candidates, organisations can enhance their recruitment processes to positively influence the perceptions and future behaviour of successful applicants.

The new standard for leadership is set

23 Jan 2015  by   Stephen Hickey

This New Years, did you make a resolution to be a better leader at work? Or did you make a commitment to increase the effectiveness of the leaders in your organisation to support the achievement of your business strategy? It’s hard for leaders to be the best they can be without their organisation providing the right support and structure. So, what are top companies doing to best attract, identify, develop and retain their leaders?