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Enabling greater transparency in reward communications

18 Aug 2017  by   Emma Le Grice

Do your employees understand how their remuneration package has been determined? And do your employees perceive their pay (and how it was determined) to be fair and equitable in relation to their job role and their peers? The need for transparency around rewards and recognition is increasing. Fortunately there are tools available to help organisations evaluate, compare and communicate this information to their employees.

Is your merit matrix working?

13 Nov 2015  by   Emma Le Grice

The most common approach for determining Fixed Reward increases is the merit matrix, which uses ratios to determine pay outcomes. There are many benefits to using a merit matrix which have aided its rise to popularity, but is this framework still valid in an environment characterised by low salary budgets?

Enhancing gender pay equity without a ‘silver bullet’

04 Sep 2015  by   Bethany Jones

While there’s no ‘silver bullet’ to eliminate unexplained gender pay differences, the diligent application of a range of sound remuneration practices (to both genders) can collectively go a long way towards yielding fairer, more effective pay outcomes. Find out more about four discrete pay decision or policy points which your organisation can focus on to enhance gender pay equity.

How are you rewarding your high performers?

12 Jan 2015  by   Emma Le Grice

A mainstay of talent strategies in most organisations is to differentiate pay based on individual performance. Aon Hewitt research shows it works and it is widely advocated and embraced in Australian workplaces – but do we truly understand high performance? What creates it and how prevalent, impactful and sustainable is it?