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The future of engagement

01 Nov 2016  by   Gerhard Diedericks

Advances in technology are providing organisations with unprecedented access to data and insights. With the ongoing digitisation of the work experience, can technology be employed to monitor and analyse employee engagement? This hot topic looks at how technology and data can be harnessed to approach employee engagement in a new way, allowing organisations to improve insights, engagement and overall performance.

Why HR needs to understand the Internet of Things

28 Oct 2015  by   Michelle Watson

The internet has grown exponentially from its inception to now encompass over 3 billion connected individuals and the way organisations deliver goods and services to customers has been irreversibly disrupted.

Get more bang for your buck

13 Apr 2015  by   Emma Le Grice

Getting remuneration wrong can lead to dissatisfaction, but can you buy employee engagement with pay? The short answer is no, but you can get more out of your spend on pay…