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Diversity and Inclusion: time to face the challenge

18 Aug 2015 by  Jessica Everitt

Making a commitment to increasing workplace diversity and inclusion has become the norm in many organisations across Asia Pacific and indeed worldwide.

Although most organisations have already some sort of approach in place, only a few organisations have been truly successful in implementing a diverse and inclusive culture, meaning that most companies are not yielding the reported advantages that diversity and inclusion can bring, such as:

  • gaining a deeper understanding of customer needs
  • developing new and innovative ideas
  • having the agility required to work in new markets
  • adapting well to change
  • attracting, retaining and engaging top talent.

Learnings from top companies

The Aon Hewitt Top Companies for Leaders® program is the most comprehensive, global research on leadership practices in the world, examining the link between leadership practices and financial results.

Tracking gender diversity: top companies vs. other organisations

The most recent edition of this study provided us with a clearer understanding of how organisations are progressing in relation to workplace diversity and inclusion, and highlights the ways in which accredited organisations (top companies) are differentiating themselves from others.

In particular, top companies are more effectively:

  • integrating their diversity and inclusion strategy into broader business strategies
  • encouraging employees to gain diverse views and experiences
  • measuring success in diversity and inclusion to drive continued change, not just for compliance
  • reducing the gender imbalance in leadership.

Download the white paper here to get insights from case studies, compelling research data and recommendations on strategies to embed diversity and inclusion in the DNA of your organisation.

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Jessica Everitt

Jessica Everitt is a Consultant in Aon Hewitt's Performance, Reward & Talent practice. She specialises in the areas of employee engagement, assessment for selection and development, and leadership effectiveness, consulting on a range of issues and managing complex employee research projects.

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