People & performance

Employee selection & assessment

Every successful organisation needs an effective talent identification process to ensure you place the right people in your key roles.

Helping you improve the way you hire

Aon is experienced in helping clients to select the candidates who are engaged, productive and who will stay in the job longer. Our selection assessments can help you:

  • choose the best performers for career advancement and key roles
  • reduce the costs associated with poor selection decisions
  • improve key on-the-job behaviours, including safety, dependability and judgement
  • employ people who are more engaged with your culture
  • to improve productivity and decrease turnover

Tailoring assessment solutions to your needs and your industry

Our solutions range from simple off-the-shelf selection tools through to customised assessment processes for a wide range of industries. They objectively measure the skills, abilities and personal characteristics that predict job performance, behaviour and retention.

We use advanced assessment techniques for accurate results.

Benefits include:

  • capturing deeper insights in to your candidates with our virtual business simulations and toolkit of configurable assessment options
  • shortening the time that candidates need to take the assessments with our adaptive cognitive and personality assessments
  • our flexible online platform works on any device including smart phones and tablets
  • customised reporting which can link more closely to your specific job or organisational capabilities
  • we track and research the success of your selection process using selection analytics to help you defend your spend
  • consulting and partnering with you to get the best outcome
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