Pay & benefits

Health & benefits consulting

Employers are under increasing pressure and scrutiny to control employee benefit costs, effectively communicate benefit features and ensure legislative and regulatory compliance while offering competitive benefits that engage and retain their employees.

Aon’s health and benefits services include the review, design, placement, communication and administration of employee benefit plans including:

  • group insurance (including life, disablement, accident and salary continuance)
  • expatriate and inpatriate medical insurance
  • global employee benefits
  • private health insurance
  • wellness.

Aon has significant scale both locally and globally, meaning we have the control and scope of resources, access to (and leverage with) unique markets and thought leadership to help you design, place and manage your benefit plans locally and in other parts of the world. We are uniquely placed to develop strategy and implement solutions from a complete people risk and benefits perspective

Global Benefits

Aon's global benefits team helps multinational companies meet the challenges of a global workforce. For more information refer to our Global Benefits webpage.

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